Payments online

We’ve partnered up with Stripe to protect your credit and debit card details and all of your personal information. We exceed the most stringent industry standards: each piece of our infrastructure and each stage of our operations are designed with security in mind. All of your details are encrypted (converted into secure code) to the maximum strength supported by your browser. We are level 1 PCI compliant and use 128 bit SSL encryption to ensure credit card data is safe and secure.

When you enter your card details you are using Stripe’s secure server ensuring information is secure. Data storage on Stripe, and the communication between Face Publications, Stripe and the worldwide banking networks is regularly audited by the banks themselves. Stripe employ sophisticated firewall technology and other security best practises to ensure only legitimate access is allowed.

All transactions are processed via Stripe in pounds sterling, either through your Stripe account, or on your credit card through Stripe.

Payments by cheque

Payment by cheque can also be accepted. Please send us a description of the item(s) in an email and we will hold the item(s) in stock for a period of 48 hours. Upon receipt of your cheque we will arrange shipping within the terms stated. We allow an additional 5 days for cheques to clear before items are dispatched. Please make cheques payable to: Face Media Limited, and post the cheque to:

Face Publications, 1 The Tower, The Tower Drive, Pool-in-Wharfedale, West Yorkshire, LS21 1NQ – UK