We've been working on an inspirational new book for the last few months, and now we can finally talk about it. The book is a unique project from an eighties rock star who became a groundbreaking Michelin-starred chef.

Sex & Drugs & Sausage Rolls is the debut book from Graham Garrett at The West House Restaurant, written with food writer Cat Black, and featuring ingeniously creative recipes and the extraordinary story of Graham's transformation from stadium-filling rock star in the eighties to Michelin-starred chef.

If you were an avid concertgoer in the 80s, you might have a nagging feeling of having seen Graham’s face before. In fact, he spent over a decade from the late 70s in the music business, touring the world, manning the drums for bands like Ya Ya and The Dumb Blondes. At 31, Graham hung his drum sticks up, walked into a kitchen and hasn't looked back since - until now.

The London-born former rock drummer and songwriter Graham Garrett has worked in kitchens from the early 90s, running restaurants for renowned chefs Nico Ladenis and Richard Corrigan. In 2002 Graham and his partner, Jackie, bought their own restaurant, The West House in Kent, which was awarded a Michelin star a year later, and has retained it ever since.

As you read this the book is in production, being written, edited and photographed, so here's a glimpse of Graham's food that has just been photographed. However, we've still got an entire library of archive photographs to go through, so we'll save the questionable 80s fashion and haircuts for the book.

With a foreword by Richard Corrigan and photography by Adrian Franklin, this unique autobiographical cookbook is available to buy from October this year.