The Glorious Twelfth marks the start of the game season across the UK. Game is big business, particularly in Yorkshire, where vast moorland stretches over most of the county.

"Game is healthy, low in cholesterol and cheap, and we should all be eating more of it." - Michel Roux, OBE

Andrew Pern's cookbook 'Loose Birds & Game' offers a fresh approach to the often dark and dismal autumnal and winter dishes normally associated with game, poultry and fish. Ruddy cheeks and red noses are replaced with the virtues of low traceable fat in venison, the rarity of being able to eat grouse as a stew, salads that will be the envy of every Knightsbridge restaurant with ladies who lunch, to snacks that the kids will devour; there's even a tipple for granddad.

"I've always wanted to showcase the heritage and versatility of game as part of what defines my idea of 'British-ness', but in a light and informative mood. I want to make some of the foods that make Britain great more accessible and appealing to a larger and more interested audience." Andrew Pern

It's amazing how easy it is to find game and even some loose birds, if you are prepared to look in the right places - try your local butchers, farmers' markets, good neighbourhood supermarkets or the 'ye olde country-type shoppe' and take advantage of shopping online wherever you are. It's like anything in life: if you don't ask, you don't get!

Loose Birds & Game features Andrew Pern’s outstanding recipes and unique approach and appreciation for poultry, game and fish. The book contains 65 outstanding in-depth recipes within 13 chapters, each beginning with its own large-format section portraying the content with evocative photography and phenomenal impact.

Limited edition signed books are available here.