Mostly food is a great website run by Chrissie Walker, a restaurant reviewer, hotel reviewer, cookbook reviewer, food product reviewer, food-travel writer, travel writer and Sake Sommelier, amongst many other things. Chrissie received the her copy of Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian and didn't waste time delving in.

Here's what she thought.

"It’s every inch a limited edition book. In fact there are a lot of inches, oozing quality, artistry, style and delicious food. Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian is a coffee-table book that is truly the size of a small coffee table, but will likely be more remarked upon than a four-legged piece of pine. This is the stuff of which cookbook heirlooms are made. It arrives packaged in a printed mailing box which encourages a degree of anticipation before one even gets a glimpse of the book. The book isn’t actually the next design statement – there is a striking slipcase that protects the soft, black and embossed linen cover of this unique and sizable tome. Face Publications always manage to present something daring and cutting-edge.
Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian is about inspiration and innovation but it’s not a dry and technical masterwork. Sat has a great sense of humour and the contemporary format is engaging. It’s gift quality and noteworthy, and stands a chance of becoming a gastronomic collectable ...I certainly won’t be giving my copy away. I might be getting a more substantial coffee table, though" Chrissie Walker, Mostly food

Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian is an autobiographical cookbook that follows the tasting menu format at Restaurant Sat Bains, featuring 68 in-depth recipes, demonstrating how research, development and creativity play a vital role in Sat's food pairings and flavour combinations. 

Limited edition signed books are available here.