It’s taken 3 Years, 2 Michelin stars and 1 Chef, but for the last couple of weeks we've been press passing the final 450 pages of Sat Bains' brand spanking new book, Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian.

It's all finished and looks amazing. There's just the small matter of putting all that paper together and transforming it all into some gorgeous books. Once it's all finished we'll be offering the opportunity to pre-order your limited edition signed book and be the first to get your copy when it arrives on 15th October 2012. The book is exclusively available through Face Publications. 

Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian is an autobiographical cookbook that follows the tasting menu format at Restaurant Sat Bains, featuring 68 in-depth recipes, demonstrating how research, development and creativity play a vital role in Sat's food pairings and flavour combinations. 

Limited edition signed books are available here.